Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Negative Chatter Forsaken

We have been working diligently over the last few weeks to revitalize the AFBS with the idea that as a Society, we can connect and support each other to the benefit of the Atlanta food community. The majority of our members blog because they love food and foodies as well as Atlanta, not because they are amassing our fortunes! In fact, most of our members barely generate enough revenue to cover their web hosting fees.

Recently, there have been other “food blogger” organizations that are trying to discredit and to seize upon the growth and momentum that the Atlanta Food Bloggers' Society has been generating. Several of these groups advertise themselves as the “official association” or “original alliance.” Please know that these bloggers have been invited to partner with us, and have chosen not to join our group, but rather to tear it down. Although we have been around since 2011, the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society has never claimed to be “official” or “original;” perhaps better terms for what we are trying to create are “welcoming” and “encompassing.” We sincerely hope that any negative chatter will not discourage from fully participating in or partnering with AFBS.

Our only goal is to create a strong presence in the Atlanta food community to promote Atlanta as the gateway to the Southern food experience. Integrity and disclosure policies have been instituted to ensure the professionalism and credibility of our member food bloggers. As mentioned in the previous post, with growth comes some pain, but also strength, maturity and elevation. We hope that all of you will work with us as we continue to grow and learn from one another to build a strong and unified Society and strengthen our core membership to create strong presence in the Atlanta food community and beyond.
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