Sunday, September 21, 2014

AFBS Members Compete in the High Road Cobbler Gobbler

Yesterday, High Road Ice Cream opened the doors of their brand new manufacturing facility and storefront in Marietta. To celebrate the inauguration, they hosted a cobbler competition in which amateur cooks would partner up with local chefs to create a cobbler to be served during the Grand Opening party.  It was a mad dash to the kitchen for the six competing teams in the 1st Annual Pro-Am Cobbler Gobbler: Deb Wise of Cooking Light with Linda Carmical of Do.Food.Better; Kathleen Miliotis of Davio’s Atlanta with Denise Romeo of We Like to Cook!; Kamal Grant of Sublime Doughnuts with Gisela Carapaica of Sprinkles & Tiaras; Kyle Anderson of Hyatt Regency with Michelle Valigursky of Savor the Salt; and, Tony Patton of Nashville’s Whiskey Kitchen, and Anna Gatti of Canvas Foods each partnered with a home-cook volunteer.

With cobblers of berries, peaches, rhubarb, and even peppered pineapple, the variety made for an amazing show of culinary prowess. Some had crumble toppings, some had sweet crusts and biscuits, and still others had cookie tops. All were delicious with distinct flavor profiles. Congratulations go to Kathleen Miliotis and Denise Romeo for their first place pineapple/cranberry cobbler. Click here for the recipe for their prize winning confection.

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