Monday, June 01, 2015

Walking, Talking and Eating in Downtown

Even though I have lived in Atlanta for almost 3 years, the Atlanta Food Walks' tour introduced me to places in the city I have never been. And, even though I am a major foodie covering Atlanta restaurants on the Food-Atlanta section on my blog, this food tour in Atlanta also introduced me to new restaurants and new foods!

This "Downtown Southern Food Walk" was curated by food writer, Akila McConnell, who also served as our tour guide! From the start it was obvious that Akila was passionate about food and her hometown of Atlanta. She combined these two passions into this food tour in Atlanta. The size of the tour is limited to 10- 12 people to make things more intimate and arranges everything with the restaurants in advance. Akila talked while we walked telling us the history of Southern soul food and I felt like a VIP every time I entered a different establishment with her!

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