Our Great Partners

The Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society is an alliance of established and reputable food bloggers looking for opportunities to partner with local companies and brands to promote Atlanta as the gateway to the Southern food experience. AFBS supports member bloggers by creating an online community to connect and network by providing resources, social events, and philanthropic opportunities while upholding a commonly shared code of ethics.
Atlanta Food Bloggers' Society Board of Directors:

Executive Committee
Linda Carmical: Interim President
Linda Carmical: VP - Membership & Education
Melissa Pelkey Hass: VP - Marketing & Branding
Linda Carmical: Acting Treasurer
Shana Lee: Secretary
Denise Romeo: President Emerita

Committee Chairs
Linda Carmical: Education
Demetra Overton:  Education
Lia Picard: Philanthropy
Linda Carmical: Finance 
Lauren Patrick:  PR/Marketing
Shana Lee:  PR/Marketing

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